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Chinese Area Studies

Chinese Area Studies

The Chinese Area Studies (CAS) is a specialization program under the School of International Studies, Department of Culture and Global Studies. It has two levels, bachelor and master.

The objective of this specialization allows students to select China as an area of focus to meet their career goals. For some students it may lead to postgraduate studies, or a career in teaching and research, while for many others it will be the door-opening of a professional career in a number of areas of which China is a central component, such as business and industry, international trade, government and international service, civil societies/NGOs, communicative function etc.

The curriculum of Chinese Area Studies is designed to provide a broad understanding of contemporary and historical issues in China’s development, as well as the scale of China’s impact on the world economy and global relations. The curriculum consists of a number of lectures at the bachelors and the masters levels aimed at introducing topics in a problem-based and interdisciplinary manner. Through this approach students will be capable of comprehending and analyzing China related issues in a holistic and coherent combination.

If you choose to follow courses in CAS as a part of your bachelors degree you will be introduced to basic elements within Chinese history, philosophy, politics and the influence of culture on family and business relations. A basic language course in Chinese is also offered. The CAS at the masters level is designed to introduce China from an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, by focusing on the rise of China and its indispensable role in international development and the international political economy.


Academic Coordinator, Ane Bislev
Tel. (+45) 9940 2859

Programme Secretary, Katrine Sandø Stevn
Tel. (+45) 9940 8434


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