Public school in the village 'Vaarst' in Aalborg Municipality, approx. 1892 (


The theme of the conference zooms in on the role of education in this transitional history of state and power relations from both local, national, and transnational perspectives. The 8th Nordic Education History Conference is this year hosted by Aalborg University, Denmark.


25.05.2022 kl. 09.30 - 27.05.2022 kl. 13.30


The theme of the conference zooms in on the role of education in this transitional history of state and power relations from both local, national and transnational perspectives.

Raising historical awareness of these developments and trajectories seems key today in a world where education is often promoted using standards, comparisons and ubiquitous technologies. Historical research in this respect offers the prospect of rewinding our understandings of education and point out all the lost possibilities and alternatives as well as providing sensitivities for understanding resilience, counter-movements and the shifting role of the local and national in a globalized world.

The conference invites papers, panels and posters on the following sub-themes and keywords:

  • Interactions between the transnational, national and local
  • Public versus private agents in education
  • The role of education, the social question and welfare state models
  • Rethinking the role of the nation state in relation to education and knowledge
  • Knowledge, education and state formation
  • Institutional and organizational history of education
  • Book and literacy history
  • Histories of numbers and science
  • Disease, state of exception and histories of education
  • The role of universities in the history of education and states.

keynotes and pleanary panels

At the conference there will be two intriguing keynotes and a plenary panel with esteemed history of education scholars.

  • Professor Dr. Pirjo Markkola, Tampere University, will have the opening keynote titled
    Education as Lived Welfare. A History of Experience Perspective on Children and the Welfare State.
  • Professor Dr. Daniel Tröhler, University of Vienna, will conclude the conference with the keynote:
    Giving language to Taboos: Nation and Religion in Modern Educational Reasoning.
  • During the conference, the plenary panel, consisting of Dr. phil. Ning de Coninck-Smith (Aarhus University), Professor Dr. Johan Östling (Lund University) and Associate Professor Dr. Maria Sofie Simonsen (Aalborg University) will discuss university history in a Scandinavian perspective.


Any question regarding registration to the conference should be emailed to:

Simon Holleufer, 


Marianne Ellersgaard,


Centre for Education Policy Research and Centre for History (The research groups for Knowledge, Sustainability and Heritage (KSH)) and Conflict, Coercion and Authority in History (CCA)


Aalborg University, AAU CREATE, Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg - Room 3.107 (auditorium)

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